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Transistor Guitar Amp

Amp Combo a Transistor Avenger FA-15 Guitar, Synt 90's


Vintage Portasound Guitar Amplifier Transistor Amp TY-61X & TY-63X Transformers


Transistor - Peavey, PNP 180V Output, SJ-73180, 180V, 3A


Mesa Boogie M9 Carbine [email protected] Ohms New Mosfets/Power Transistors Free Conus Ship


Transistor - MJ15022, NPN, Power Transistor


Transistor - MJ15023, PNP, Power Transistor


Lot Of 4 Motorola Gold Lead Original Transistors


Transistor Amplifier Combo For Yamaha Thr10X Electric Guitar


Rare 1970s RMI 360 Head Amp & G-180 Cabinet Speaker Transistor Reverb 2 Channels


Marshall 1966 Transistor 2x10 18w Baby Bluesbreaker Pinstripe Combo


Vintage 1960s Burns Orbit Six 6 100w 3x12 All Transistor Combo Amp


Bass tube preamp PRO (specially made to improve sound of transistor bass combo)


Simulator Guitar Effect Pedal 2n3904 Transistor 30dB Boost 4 Control Knobs


Vintage Harmony H1720 Fet & Silicon Transistors Amplifier - Tremolo Reverb Stack


Vintage 1960s 70s Rare Kingston Japan Transistor Solid State Bass Amp Amplifier


NOS Vintage 1960s Shield 2-inch 16-ohm Speaker for Transistor Radio Guitar Amp


Lot of 2N5172 NPN 1960s TO98 Transistors for Guitar Amp Project: 42 Pcs Untested


NEW Retrofier Roadtripper "Warm Glow" Electric Guitar Transistor Tube PreAmp


NEW Retrofier Roadtripper Bass Glow Transistor Tube PreAmp


NEW Retrofier Roadtripper "Acoustaglow" Acoustic Transistor SST Tube PreAmp f...


Vox Continental Baroque Amp w/ Transfomer & DELCO Germanium Output Transistors


Bass Amp Solid State Amp Project Unfinished Parts AS IS Transistor Amplifier